WARNING:  If You Want to Master The Art of Finding And Landing a Great Job, Read This Right Now

Here's a special message for every job seeker who aches to find and land a great new job, but can't get your resume actually seen by the hiring manager.

Many job seekers suffer from the idea that submitting an online job application means a human being will actually read and evaluate it.
But nothing could be further from the truth.

That's because they changed the job search rules, and never told us.  

No one ever taught us the skills to write a resume that would survive the online job gauntlet and the ATS computer screening ... to position ourselves successfully on LinkedIn ... to harness social media to showcase our strengths ... to interview powerfully... or to negotiate a job offer and compensation package skillfully.

These are skills learned over many decades of trial and error. Expensive trial and error!

Because it's not just about  a resume or a LinkedIn page any more.

It's so much more.

Do You Have the Specific Job Search Skills You Need To Launch a Successful Job Search and Land Your Dream Job?

Today, you have to master a whole suite of progressive skills to be able to successfully find and land your dream job.

It's a cumulative building of skills, one at a time, until you have mastered them all.

And if you miss any one step on the ladder of career success, you will fail in this all-important mission.

Job loss is devastating.
Personally.  Emotionally.  Financially.  

Job loss and job dissatisfaction will destroy your soul... your finances ... and often even your family.

I Can Help.

I'm Diane Huth, The Accidental Career Coach. 

I look forward to helping YOU land your DREAM JOB.

I'm a brand marketing guru, an Amazon award-winning author of multiple career guides, a university professor of marketing and career development. 

And I'm known as The Accidental Career Coach because I started helping people in their career development after a 30-year career in brand marketing for major Fortune 100 companies.

I've helped hundreds of job seekers like you build their personal brand, gain valuable job skills, write their resumes, build their LinkedIn pages, and find and land well-paying, satisfying, rewarding jobs ... even after a devastating job loss.

 And I'm dedicated to helping YOU achieve career success.

I'd Like to Help Your Learn the Secrets to Land Your Dream Job

Have you mastered the progressive series of job search success skills yet? 

Ask yourself if you are confident on how to excel at each of these key steps:

  • Understand The Job Search Process:  Know the new rules to succeed through the hiring funnel in this challenging new job market - where everything is new
  • ​Master Your Social Media: Leverage different social media platforms to build your personal brand and pass a pre-employment vetting
  • Create a Powerful Above The Fold Resume: Summarize all your hard skills in the top half of the first page to be easily found in a 7.7-second scan - AFTER you've successfully negotiated the resume reading robots of the Applicant Tracking System
  • Craft The Perfect Cover Letter: Tell them what's NOT in your resume - and show them how you meet or exceed their listed job requirements
  • ​Master LinkedIn:  Harness the power of the #1 online platform to showcase your skills so recruiters call YOU!
  • ​Hone Your Elevator Pitch: Persuasively present yourself in 30 seconds or less in any setting, and be prepared to get the outcome your desire
  • ​Network Your Way To Career Success: Half of all jobs are found through personal relationships, not job boards. Are you skilled at leveraging your personal and professional relationships 1-on-1?
  • ACE The Interview:  Succeed in any type of interview by knowing what recruiters want, how to present yourself, skillfully answering those tough questions, and asking the smart questions that will WOW your interviewer
  • ​Negotiate Your Job Offer Like a Pro:  Skillfully negotiate salary, non-salary compensation, working conditions, benefits, and special treatment - so you don't leave money on the table

If you want to learn how to master any of these critical skills, click below for more valuable insight into the secrets to land your dream job.

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